Amanda J White
Grand Worthy Advisor

Theme:  Let's Get Down to Business with New Hampshire Rainbow

Charity:  Girls at Work Inc

Colors:  Ancestor Yellow, Warrior Olive, Royal Blue, Mushu Maroon, Yin Black, Yang White

Symbols:  Apples, Yin Yang, Beads of Jade, Fans, Parasols

Flower:  The Lotus Blossom

Song:  "Be True to your Heart" by Stevie Wonder

Honored Station:  Service

Quote:  "A single grain of rice can tip the scale, a single man may be the difference between victory and defeat." ~ the Emperor from Mulan

GO Name: Imperial Highnesses

GO Mascots: Pandas

GR Name: Honorable Warriors

GR Mascots: Mulan, Cricket, Little Brother

Newsletter: The Cricket Scrolls