Nashua Assembly #9

Nashua Assembly #9 initiated 58 members on February 8, 1936. Since then, over 1400 girls have become members and we have just celebrated 70 years of Rainbow in Nashua.

Nashua Assembly #9 continues to keep rolling along...busy as ever! We  successfully accomplished many goals this past Grand year: raising money, reading, and collecting books for Ashley Steele’s charity "Reach out and Read," as well as competing and winning awards in many Grand Assembly projects! This past term, the girls have dedicated their energy to bring in two new girls into Nashua #9 by Grand Assembly this year, and they hope to initiate many more by the end of the year!

Nashua Assembly #9 is the proud home to the following Past Grand Worthy Advisors: Marilyn Blanchard MacVane (1947), Judith Sudsbury Bausha (1960), Donna Easter Baker (1969), Laurie Bettencourt Kelly (1981), Stacy Jackson Desrosiers (1994) Bethany Maynard (2000), and Tracey Smith Thompson (2003), and Ashley Steele (2007).

We meet on the first and third Thursday of each month (except July and August) at 7 pm at the Nashua Masonic Temple.


Grand Officers 2007-2008
Allyson Britko,
Grand Worthy Associate Advisor,
Member Jr. Grand Executive Committee

Natalie Prevo, Grand Recorder,
Member Jr. Grand Executive Committee

Lindsey Betz, Grand Treasurer,
Grand Representative to Ohio

Jennifer Bean, Grand Patriotism

Grand Representatives

Wendy Bean, Australia and Georgia

Nikia Quesnel, Colorado and Washington/Idaho

Grand Appointments 2007-2008
Mrs. Lisa Britko, Grand Deputy Goffstown #22
Mrs. Shelley Gullett, Grand Deputy Exeter #20
Ms. Ruth Holmes, Sr. Grand Executive Committee
Mr. John Jackson, Grand Deputy Milford #13
Miss Allison Smith, Coordinator of Membership/ Jr. Grand Executive Committee
Mrs. Tracey L. Thompson, Coordinator of Ritual/ Sr. Grand Executive Committee
Mrs. Stacy Desrosiers, Dean of Grand Cross/ Sr. Grand Executive Committee
Mrs. Joan Smith, Coordinator of Grand Assembly, Grand Deputy Derry #15 and
Sr. Grand Executive Committee (ex-officio)

Advisory Board
Lisa Proulx, Mother Advisor,
Gail Brown, Assistant Mother Advisor
Larry Gullett, John Jackson, Ruth Holmes, Phyllis Lackie, Robert Bean, Deb Bean,
Deb Wall, Leslee Steele, Brian Smith,
Joan Smith, Donna Betz, Gail Brown,
Jeff Brown, Shelley Gullett, Lisa Britko,

Lisa Hollis, Worthy Matron; Sharon Jackson, Pledge Mom; Joan Smith


Nashua Officers  January 2008 – June 2008

Worthy Advisor – Nikia Quesnel, Wor. Assoc. Advisor– Jennifer Bean, PWA, Charity– Natalie Prevo Tremblay, PWA, Faith– Ariel Roby, Love– Allyson Britko, PWA, Nature – Jessica Abramson,
Immortality– Emily Stephens, Fidelity– Kacey Hartling,
Musician – Wendy Bean , Mother Advisor – Lisa Proulx,
Dad AdvisorJeffrey Brown

Nikia's Theme

Theme: Dreaming of a Happily Ever After
Motto: “All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney
Mascots: Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, Jasmine, Ariel
Flowers: Pink Rose and Daisy
Colors: Sparkling Blue, Goldenrod Yellow, Princess Pink, Arabian Night Purple, Fishtail Sage

Lindsey Betz, Kristen Betz, Kristen Alexander, Jessica Alexander PWA,
Shaunalynn Duffy PWA, Haley Hatch, Emily Kaprowicz,
Courtney Merritt, Bianca Mollomo, Jahaira Negron

Nashua Assembly #9 has a very active Pledge Group, with 8 members.
They perform the Flag Tribute at Nashua Assembly at the first meeting of
each month, and display their talents by performing the Flag Ceremony at
Grand Assembly. We are very proud of our Pledges. They travel to the
Masonic Home to spend time with the residents there and host and work a Sunday breakfast every third Sunday at the Masonic Temple. They go on fun trips to amusement parks and pizza parlors, watch how to make and bake cookies at a local bakery, and watch demonstrations of karate at a
local Karate studio.

Pledge Mother---Sherry Jackson


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